About UsValues

Reliability, loyalty, unity, experience, development, future oriented values such as innovation and sustainability are the core values of AE Arma-Elektropanç to reach its targets.


We provide innovative, economic and distinguishing solutions in order to become a reliable and strong technical partner of our customers. We aim long-term cooperation and be the most reliable fellow of our business partners to reach their targets.


We represent our country in global arena in the best manner by integrating our passion to our work and the consciousness of being a family with loyalty to our company.


Our corporate culture is an important value behind our success. This culture, instead of individuality, enable our employees to work unified by sharing the knowledge, and this culture is reflected to each process of our works.


We provide excellent services with professionally designed, best quality and economic solutions thanks to our management team who have more than 40 years of engineering and contracting experiences and specialists team.


We follow all the developments both in our sector and in the world very closely, and we provide all the required services to contribute values to our stakeholders, customers and economy.


We are the leading technical contractor with our more than 300 engineers, thousands of employees and innovative solutions in international market.


We conduct our business by following the most efficient policies that protect the natural resources and environment, respect to human and nature. We put sustainability that is focused on efficient risk analysis and cost management into the center of our business policies.