We are a leading engineering firm on a path to become a global player that currently provides our services to eight countries across three continents. Since the day we have established, including in our own country, we work to add value to the economies of the areas we carry out our activities and we have introduced the terminology of “technical contracting” to Turkey.

On our path to become a global player, when undertaking our work, we are taking active measures and with a sense of responsibility to protect the environment and natural sources and we have made it our duty to work within a framework of respect towards both the environment and humanity. We have successfully completed significant projects along with our business partners and experts from different cultures and geographies, with our work focusing on continuous development, renewal and innovation.

By maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and overall understanding of quality on all the projects we undertake, we aim to work on many more prestigious projects with the AE signature and through doing so achieve the happiness of all our shareholders, investors and work colleagues.

One of the main features that separate our firm from its competitors is how our fast and brave reaction to the subject of integrating new technology with our high experience in engineering and implementation process has allowed for more stable steps going forward. In this respect being a firm that operates on an international level, we closely follow and utilize the latest technologies available to this era, that is ever developing and evolving, for both our site operations and as part of our management philosophy.

With numerous awards adding to its achievements, AE continues to make its mark on the international construction scene with its strong vision for growth and exceptional engineering offerings.

Kemal Kızılhan